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25 July 2013

We all have heard of dozens of funny stories about our workplace and we could listen to them for hours. Well, here is one such hilarious Funny Cleaning Lady story I’ve heard from a friend who works in HR.

My friend told me that every time she wants to give an example of commitment led to the extreme, she uses a story about a cleaning lady named Mary.

“Mary was a loyal employee who’s been working at the same company for years. People respected her for her hopper and for the fact that she helped anyone at anytime. She was, however, a quite interesting woman, with whom everyone was familiar, including the big bosses from abroad, who never missed the opportunity that say “hello” and ask her how she’s doing.

The company was led by a severe and serious man, but with whom Maria got along very well.

One day, the Director decided to have a discussion with one of his subordinates who didn’t handle the tasks. It was a sensitive situation, because it wasn’t the first time they talked about that subject. Moreover, all the previous discussions resulted in various commitments that weren’t followed through.

To give weight to their talk, that was planned for the next day, the CEO wrote a few notes (more…)

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20 June 2013

Thick driver

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20 June 2013


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20 June 2013

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